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Music for the Stage unknown
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This section includes James's music for the theatre. It includes his incidental music and songs for 'The Tempest' and 'Macbeth', the hilarious musicals 'Albert in F' and 'Club Loco', the short opera 'Strings' and music for 'The Caucasian Chalk Circle', as well as Barry Russell’s children’s opera, ‘The Wind and the Hares’.
The Tempest - the songs, Stage 1 FlipScore
Exciting new incidental music to Shakespeare's play. All the songs and some dance music.
Scored for SATB, String Group and Percussion Trio

Albert in F, Stage 2 James Morgan FlipScore Audio
This outrageous short musical is based on Stanley Holloway’s timeless ‘Albert and the Lion’. The 30 minute show is so funny, that it seems to last a lifetime. Suitable for Middle School up to Derby and Joan Club, it has Piano/Band parts as well as a vocal score. A Proven Hit.1st 1/2 audio only, from the original production, by King James's Music Theatre, Almondbury. Huddersfield.
Strings, Stage 3 James Morgan FlipScore
A short opera of political intrigue designed to give the participants all the experience of Grand Opera in one short act. 3 main characters, full orchestra, on stage band and bags of chorus work. Includes love, death, treachery, violence, deceit, etc.. Secondary School upwards.

Club Loco, Stage 4 Christopher Deering and James Morgan FlipScore 
‘It ain’t over till the end’. An outrageously funny but poignant musical from the pen of Christopher Deering. Basically, how not to set up and run a Night Club. Pre Phoenix Nights, this timeless musical has a cast of plenty, with many bit parts, updatable jokes and some great songs. (Score only at the mo.)

Caucasian Chalk Circle. Stage 5 Incidental Music by James Morgan FlipScore
Once Upon A Time, Four Generals, Nobody Wants You, Rotten Bridge, Civil War, Dance. Some of the solo songs from CCC for small chamber ensemble, Soloists and Chorus. The music also serves well as incidental music for the play. Not difficult and in an Eastern European style.
Bottom In Love, Stage 6 Barry Russell FlipScore
A charming setting forming a short Music Theatre sequence from Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. Soloists, (Bottom, Titania, etc), Chorus work and a small ensemble. An excellent piece from Barry for young and old alike.
Eagle Dan, Stage 7 FlipScore
 and Demands and Expectations, Stage 8 FlipScore
2 musicals from the Dabhand Theatre stable. Written by Dave Hallworth and Brent Batten with music by James Morgan, these shows are for a small company. No real chorus work and only a few soloists. Eagle Dan takes us on a fantasy journey through space, whilst Demands and Expectations tugs at our emotions. Vocal scores – no orchestration.
Macbeth FlipScore 
A series of recorded dances (Witches Toccata, Lady Macbeth's Domppe, Macduff and Malcolm's March, My Lord Duncan's Jig and the beautiful Macbeth's Lament - who said no-one could beat the Scottish Tourist Board advert) for Holmfirth High School's acclaimed post-apocalyptic production. The music is pre-recorded, though each piece includes parts that could be played by a seriously good violinist and electric guitarist. There are also a series of images for back projection, though hire of these will need to be negotiated with the copyright holder.
Knots, Stage 10. A short Ballet/Music Theatre by James Morgan FlipScore
A setting of words from RD Laing's 'Knots'. For piano duet, speaker and chorus this piece gives opportunities for many interesting diversions. There is an orchestration for chamber ensemble if I can find it!
The Wind and the Hares, Stage 11. An opera for children by Barry Russell FlipScore
A group of friends relate a well-known story. Costumes and props are simple (for example, a woolly hat with ears for the hares, a hand puppet for the crocodile). The singers drop in and out of character as the story demands. Take a look at the Flipscore and enjoy Barry’s natural gift of writing for children.

Knees, Stage 12. A Music Theatre for children. FlipScore
This completely wacky setting of Spike Milligan’s poem ‘Knees’ was written for Holmfirth High School Music Theatre and performed at the Schools Prom in 1981 (ish). Again, we forget what children are capable of. Great Fun!!