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James W. Morgan
A Sea Shanty Suite
performance time 8'30"
Ideal for a Proms night as an alternative to the Henry Wood.
'What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor' takes the place
of the traditional hornpipe, but speeds up to an energetic climax none the less.
All songs could be sung, though only the words to the first are given,
you can choose your own verses to the others - or make them up
according to local custom. By the way, 'The Keel Row is a river song,
not a sea song, but there it is.
Performance suggestion -
Try 3 soloists, one for 'Drake's Drum' (Baritone, best) one for 'The Keel Row'
and one for 'Blow The Man Down.'
'Drunken Sailor'
All three sing Vs 1 - (with trombone) - 'What shall we do'
Vs 2 - (with strings) - 'Put him in the long boat' - singer 1
Vs 3 - (with woodwind) - 'Pull out the plug and wet him all over' - singer 2
Vs 4 - (with brass) - 'Put him in the scuppers with the hosepipe on him' - singer 3
Vs 5 - (tutti) - all singers repeat their verse.
Harmony and humour ad lib.
Written for the Holme Valley Orchestra
on the ocassion of their 25th anniversary - 1980/1 - 2015/16

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