Ruth McCall

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Ruth McCall studied music at the University of Adelaide and went on from there to join The Song Company as first soprano between 1996 and 2010. Within that role she toured extensively in over 17 countries, including Europe, China, the USA, England, and Asia as well as performing with a variety of Sydney-based ensembles. She has also performed in festivals in Australia, cities and regional towns, as well as performing hundreds of concerts for primary school children in association with the Musica Viva in Schools program. She currently works part-time as an accompanist.

In recent years Ruth has also been working as an arranger and composer, and her pieces are performed by choirs and school groups around Australia. She was composer-in-residence for the Sydney Children's Choir in 2011, and in 2012 she directed her first show in the Ship to Shore program with The Song Company featuring Slava and Leonard Grygorian on guitars.


Ruth's Collection


Three new, brilliant songs from Ruth. Each song a setting of a poem by Douglas Muecke. Written for 'The Song Company', they are advanced, with vocal effects, and would grace the programme of a very competent and forward looking choir. Some parts of the Flipscores await the necessary technology to do them justice. SSATTBarB.
N.B. - the Flipscores are in Landscape format and you may need to turn pages using the arrows at the bottom of the page. Available individually, or all 3 at £5/set.


Epitaph FlipScore SATB 204 c


Inner City Nocturne FlipScore SATB 205 e


Inheritance FlipScore SATB 206 d


The Skye Boat Song FlipScore Video Only
SATB 179 b SSA 180 b
Ruth's passion for the plight of refugees (particularly in Australia) is evident in this beautiful version of the Skye Boat Song for voices and piano. She asks all musicians to share her concern. This is your chance to do so.


Agnus Dei FlipScore
SATB 123 b
SSATBB Sumptuous harmonies for this classic sacred text. Can be sung with soprano soloist on the top line.


Click Go The Shears FlipScore
SATB 124 d
SSATBB A funky new version of this tune with a groovy ostinato. Are you ready for the snip?

Love Is Born FlipScore
SATB 125 d
SSATBB An ecstatic and expansive piece based on Michael Leunig's poem.


Sacred Lotus FlipScore
SSAA 126 b YC
SA Piano. Sweet and simple, this piece is a meditation on the Sacred Lotus flower; Nelumbo Nucifera. Also suitable for children.


Bound For South Australia FlipScore
SATB 127 e
SSATBB Ruth’s very exciting arrangement of this traditional Sea Shanty. Such pace!


Waltzing Matilda FlipScore  Audio
SATB 128a d
SSATBB Her most popular piece, this reworking of this iconic song is a blend of Aboriginal chant, old and new tunes. As popularised in the UK by The Mastersingers, but performed here by 'The Song Company'.
Also SATB (SATB 128b c)


We Wish You A Merry Christmas FlipScore
SATB 129 c
SSATBB A virtuosic arrangement of this festive classic that every choir needs. (The audio is Australia’s famous ‘Song Company’ – enjoy!)


What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor FlipScore  Audio b
SATB 130 a d
SATTBB This rollicking folksong will keep your audience happy and your toes tapping - as interpreted by 'The Song Company'
SATB 130 b d with guitar duet accompaniment (slightly different to 130a)