Brass Band




Brass 1 We’re Starting   FlipScore £20 Vocal parts @50p

From the German rock band Pilos Puntos. Great children’s voice part ad lib. Splendid joint item.


Brass 2 Send In The Clowns  FlipScore £25

Beautiful arrangement for solo Euphonium (or other Bb instrument) Two options give the chance for a simple solo

part, or a difficult cadenza.


Brass 3 The Wild Mountain Thyme FlipScore £25 Vocal Parts @50p

The beautiful Scottish Folk Tune with opt. S(ATB) part for excellent joint item.

Also available for Male Voices.


Brass 4 Rise  FlipScore £25

For Soprano Cornet solo and Band a very funky arrangement of this Herb Alpert toon.


Brass 5 Music for the Wedding of Nigel Henry to Janet  FlipScore £20

Really just what it says, but an ideal opening fanfare for a concert. (or a wedding - it's aisle length!)


Brass 6 Shades (Reflecting Darkness and Light of Dreams) FlipScore  £50

Major work for Brass Band featuring a passage from Jimi Hendrix's great 1893 - (A Mermaid I Should Turn To Be).