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*Items marked ‘YC’ may be suitable for good Youth Choirs as well as adults, Please note we no longer sell single copies.

Description (Band)


Nuno Espirito Santo FlipScore

SATB 187 b

An anthem in praise of Nuno Espirito Santo - manager, Wolverhampton Wanderers FC


The Skye Boat Song FlipScore Video Only

SATB 179 b SSA 180 b

Ruth McCall's passion for the plight of refugees (particularly in Australia) is evident in this beautiful version of the

Skye Boat Song for voices and piano. She asks all musicians to share her concern. This is your chance to do so.


Let's Face The Music Preview

SATB 137 (YC) b

The great Irving Berlin toe-tapper, SATB and Piano..


When I Am Laid Preview

SATB 121 b

SATB and Organ. A sensitive reworking of Purcell's moving aria. For a suitable occasion.


A Babe Is Born Preview

SATB 120 b

A modern carol, fitting for concert, Carol Service or liturgical use.


Hi Ho Silver Lining Preview

SATB 119 (YC) a

An easy crowd pleasing version of that famous Jeff Beck classic.


By The Waters Of Babylon Preview

SATB 115 c

Emotional setting by Barry Russell. Worthy of your repertoire.


Winter Solstice Preview

SATB 114 b

A charming short verse song by our friend Mike Donovan from Boston USA. SATB and Pno with optional flute


Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Preview

SATB 110 d

Jim's most famous and popular arrangement now available in a slightly new edition. V.S. b


Don't Stop Me Now Preview

SATB 104 c

This Queen Classic is a tour de force for your choir. Total satisfaction guaranteed - just check out the preview!


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Somer Is Icomen In Preview FlipScore

SATB 103 d

A jolly romp through Englands oldest piece for SATTBB and piano. A challenge, but great fun, in typical Jim style.


The Wexford Carol Preview

SATB 100 (YC)  a

Our 100th Title!! Really, this is a slinky number for basses and baritones, (with folk style solo), but everyone else gets

to join in too.


So Happy Together Preview

SATB 095 good (YC) 

Great swingy number for the old toe tapping routine. "I can't see me lovin' nobody but you..." You'll be singing it all

day now - but who originally released it? (Drums and bass parts available, also SSAA and TTBB)


Angels Preview

SATB 092 good (YC) b

Probably Robbie Williams's best song, chance for some solo work. Not too difficult. (Also SSAA, and TTBB)


WITHDRAWN Mr Blue Sky Preview

SATB 089 good (YC) d

A great hit. That famous ELO number for you to enjoy. A total must for choir and audience alike. (VS b also SSAA

and TTBB) 


Alas, My Love Preview Audio (better idea)

SATB 088  c

Greensleeves, actually, but don't let the audience know! SSATBB with Swingles type vocal percussion for men. Not

quite as difficult as it looks, but very exciting.


Season Songs

A set of 5 songs by Barry Russell - Challenging, but suitable for Concert or Competition. Either individually priced, or

as a set.

Spring Haiku Preview
SATB 083 b Lush and misty (not a reference to the composer)(poa)

Somer Is A Comin In Preview
SATB 084 (YC) 
b yep - bukke farteth alright!

(Autumn - Still Waiting, Barry!) SATB 085

Winter Song Preview
SATB 086 b A brisk way to get rid of those cold fingers and toes!

Blessing for the Journey Ahead Preview
SATB 087 b A suitably reverent start to our next journey

Bird Songs by Barry Russell. All charming and expertly written. Available as SAB, also. Great concert pieces - watch the Crows don't get ya!

Individually or as a set (£7:50) FlipScore

The Lark Preview SSA 078 (YC) a
The Cuckoo
Preview SSA 079 (YC) b
Preview SSA 080 (YC) b
The Red Bird
Preview SSA 081 (YC) b

The Bird Song Preview

SATB 082 b

A challenging arrangement of an Appalacian Folk Song by Barry Russell. Pretty good, though, as you'd expect!

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The Lark Preview

SATB 076 (YC) a

From a set of new folk songs by Barry Russell, very beautiful. The full range can be found on the SSAA page. SAB's

available, too.

Musica Dei Donum Optimi Preview

SATB 064 a

Exciting short anthem by Barry Russell. Suitable for liturgical or concert use.


Siyahamba FlipScore

SATB 049 (YC) a

A different slant on this very popular African Folk Song as performed here by the Mastersingers on the BBC's Daily

Service. (also SATTBB)


Those Were The Days Preview

SATB 040 c

NEW - an improved and revamped version of that great Mary Hopkin Classic. (Remember that hair.........) Also SSA, TTBB

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A Whole New World

SATB 039 (YC) a

Delightful and popular arrangement. Can be SAB. Ideal for adult or school choirs. 

Jamaica Farewell Preview

SATB 036 (YC)  a

Also SSA/TBB Exciting, unacc. SAB of this old, but still popular, favourite.

Nobody Does It Better Preview

SATB 024 (YC) b

Also SSA ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’– very popular arrangement

Playaway Preview

SATB 017 b

At last! This SATTBB reggae style piece so favoured by the Mastersingers makes the catalogue. Band parts optional


The Holey Sitty

SATB 016 b

Also SSAA/TTBB Hilarious and irreverent rewrite of Stephen Adams somewhat famous piece.


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The Rosa Regina Canticles Preview

SATB 014  d

Sentences for the traditional crowning of the Rose Queen in New Mill, West Yorkshire. Taxing and occasionally

Brittenesque, for SSATB and (very good) organist. Excellent opening for a Festival- 3 movts.

Laughter in the Rain Preview

SATB 012 (YC) a

Very popular and not too difficult arr. of Neil Sedaka’s classic.

I Got Rhythm Preview

SATB 011 c

Vibrant, exciting and tricky in places version of the Gershwins’ great song

A Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square Preview

SATB 010 a

Unaccompanied and beautiful – now recorded by ‘The Mastersingers’

The Voice

SATB 009 b

Unacc. Winner of the Eurovision Song Contest for Ireland. Needs solo inst (eg, flute) or manic soprano.Also SSAA/TTBB

Three English Folk Songs - Either together or separately: Preview FlipScore

SATB 004  d

Needs a good pianist.

The Lass of Richmond Hill Preview
SATB 005  b Jolly
I Gave My Love a Cherry Preview
SATB 006 (YC) a Simple and beautiful

The Derby Ram Preview

SATB 007  b Fun

The Wind Beneath My Wings Preview

SATB 001 (YC)  b

an ‘excellent arrangement’ of the Bette Midler Classic. Also Ladies voices (SSA)

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