Barry Russell




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*Items marked ‘YC’ may be suitable for good Youth Choirs as well as adults, Please note we no longer sell single copies.


Secular Collection

Psalm 23 Preview

SATB 116 (YC) b

A new edition (SATB) of Barry's famous and most beautiful Psalm 23.

By The Waters Of Babylon Preview

SATB 115 c

Emotional setting by Barry Russell. Worthy of your repetoire.

The Lark Preview

SATB 076 (YC) a

From a set of new folk songs by Barry Russell, very beautiful. SAB's available, too.

Bird Songs. All charming and expertly written. Available as SAB, also. Great concert pieces - watch the Crows don't get ya!

Individually or as a set (£7:50) FlipScore

The Lark Preview SSA 078 (YC) a
The Cuckoo Preview SSA 079 (YC) b
Crows Preview SSA 080 (YC) b
The Red Bird Preview SSA 081 (YC) b


The Birds' Song Preview

SATB 082 b

A challenging arrangement of an Appalachian Folk Song. Pretty good, though, as you'd expect!

Season Songs

Spring Haiku Preview

SATB 083 b

A set of 5 songs - challenging, but suitable for Concert or Competition. Either individually priced, or as a set (poa) Lush and misty (not a reference to the composer)

Somer Is I-Comen In Preview

SATB 084 (YC)   b

yep - bukke farteth alright!

(Autumn - Still Waiting, Barry!)

SATB 085


Winter Song Preview

SATB 086 b

A brisk way to get rid of those cold fingers and toes!

Blessing for the Journey Ahead Preview

SATB 087  b

A suitably reverent start to our next journey

Sacred Music

The Cherry Tree Carol Preview

SSA 072 YCSATB 073 (YC) bc

A new version of this traditional carol. As usual an excellent composition from Baz. Also SA.

Musica Dei Donum Optimi Preview

SATB 064 a

Exciting short anthem. Impressive contest piece.

Blessing for the Journey Ahead Preview

SATB 087 b

A suitably reverent start to our next journey

I Saw Three Ships

SATB 098 SA 099 (YC)  cb

Terrific, challenging and exciting setting for

Preview: SATB and Piano Duet, or Flute;

Preview: SA and Piano Duet, or Flute.