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Barry Russell  
Pricing (each per copy) Band A £1.25 Band B £1.50 Band C £1.70 Band D £1.80 Band E £2.00

*Items marked ‘YC’ may be suitable for good Youth Choirs as well as adults, Please note we no longer sell single copies
Secular Collection
Musica Dei Donum Optimi FlipScore
SATB 064 a
Exciting short anthem. Impressive contest piece
The Lark from Bird Songs FlipScore
SATB 076 (YC) a
From a set of new folk songs by Barry Russell, very beautiful. SAB's available, too.
The Bird Song FlipScore
SATB 082 b 
A challenging arrangement of an Appalachian Folk Song. Pretty good, though, as you'd expect - Hoedown!
Season Songs FlipScore Now in an anthology (£5) or individually.
SATB 196
A set of 5 songs - challenging, but suitable for Concert or Competition. Either individually priced, or as a set (poa) Lush and misty (not a reference to the composer).
  Spring Haiku FlipScore SATB 083 b
Somer Is I-Comen In FlipScore
SATB 084 (YC) b yep - bukke farteth alright!
(Autumn - Still Waiting, Barry!) SATB 085
Winter Song FlipScore
SATB 086 b A brisk way to get rid of those cold fingers and toes!
Blessing for the Journey Ahead FlipScore
SATB 087 b A suitably reverent start to our next journey
Bird Songs. All charming and expertly written. Available as SAB, also. Great concert pieces - watch the Crows don't get ya!
Individually or as a set (£5:00)
  The Lark Preview SSA 078 (YC) a
The Cuckoo Preview SSA 079 (YC) b
Crows Preview SSA 080 (YC) b
The Red Bird Preview SSA 081 (YC) b
Sacred Collection
The Cherry Tree Carol FlipScore
SSA 072 (YC) b SATB 073 (YC) c
A new version of this traditional carol. As usual an excellent composition from Baz. Also SA
Blessing for the Journey Ahead FlipScore
SATB 087 b
A suitably reverent start to our next journey.
I Saw Three Ships FlipScore
SATB 098 c SA 099 (YC) b
Terrific, challenging and exciting setting for
Preview: SATB and Piano Duet, or Flute;
Preview: SA and Piano Duet, or Flute.
Psalm 23 FlipScore
SATB 116 (YC) b
A new edition (SATB) of Barry's famous and most beautiful Psalm 23.
By The Waters Of Babylon FlipScore
SATB 115 c
Emotional setting by Barry Russell. Worthy of your repetoire.

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