The Holme Valley Orchestra

est 1991

Rehearsals - Wednesdays

at 7:00 pm in the Music Department at Holmfirth High School.

'You were brilliant' - Mirian Walton, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival


After 10 years as an Adult Education Group, The Holmfirth Orchestra changed in 2001 to become a new, privately run orchestra, featuring:

Fees from 2009/10 under review
  • Full members
30 per term
  • Junior or concessionary members
20 per term
  • Visiting members
on app. per session
  • Jun. or conc. visiting members
on app. per session

The orchestra changed its name to The Holme Valley Orchestra and the first rehearsal was on Wednesday, September 20th, 2001 in the Music Block at Holmfirth High School. All players (particularly string) were (and still are) welcome and the Orchestra especially wishes to encourage recent school leavers to join.

It's all just so exciting! - now read on................

  • Chairman
Robert email Robert
  • Secretary
Paula email Paula
  • Treasurer
Tracey email Tracey
  • Publicity Officers


email Quentin
James Morgan



Musical Director



The Committee will consist of all full members.

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